Maya Goldring Hadar – a PCM graduate currently writing her Phd thesis in the university of Konstanz, Germany

Greta Richter & Breny Aceituno



Already at first glance, Maya appears to be a very committed young woman with a very impressive Resume. She is one of the graduates of the Peace and Conflict Management Master Program, but. her academic career started much earlier. Maya holds an LLB (bachelor in law) which she studies both in the University of Haifa as well as in Bucerius law school in Hamburg, Germany. Maya’s fascination with Germany indeed led her back there on numerous academic occasions.

Maya holds a Master

in International Law and Human Rights which she pursued following her position as a lawyer and officer in the IDF. In 2013, Maya completed her second Masters (MA in Peace studies and Conflict Management) and proceeded to a third Master in German and European Studies following her interest in German and European politics. Maya is currently writing her PhD dissertation within the Graduate School of Decision Science in the University of Konstanz.

The topic of her dissertation can indeed be traced back to her work in the IDF as well as her background in political science and peace studies since it deals with post-conflict societies and the changing effect of war outcome on social identification, polarization and the recurrence of conflict.


All through her MA studies, Maya served as a lawyer and officer in the IDF. She served as a Military Prosecutor in the Justice Advocate General Unit and was stationed in the Samaria Area (Westbank). Later in her professional career, she served as a legal advisor in the West bank as well. Maya finished her military service with a Captain’s rank.

Aside from her position with the IDF, during her studies Maya also interned at an NGO called “Shatil” which attends to Civil and Social Rights, Diversity, Multicultural Cities, Jewish-Palestinian Co-existence.


Even though Maya had already gained extensive professional experience in the field of law, she reportsed acquiring new knowledge in peace and conflict resolution during her PCM studies. Maya specifically benefited from the “Great Power Intervention” seminar, taught by Prof. Benjamin Miller, the Workshop on Multi-track diplomacy facilitated by Prof. Kaufman and the research methods course taught by Dr. Lutmar. Maya successfully linked her PCM masters to her experiences in the IDF as well as to her current academic position. To date, Maya holds several research positions in the university of Konstanz and employed as a managing Editor for the well know “International Interactions” journal.

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